Finding People

A man was hired for a job in a small Nebraska town.  He worked for an agricultural seed distributor in central Indiana and his new job was with a seed company in rural Nebraska.  The man drove from his home in Indiana across Illinois, Iowa and into Nebraska.  As he neared his new town he spied a farmer alongside the road taking a break in the shade of his tractor.  The man pulled near the famer and said, “I’m starting a new job in the next town.  I’m wondering what kind of people live in the town?”

The farmer asked the man, “How did you find the people in the town you came from?”

The man said, “The people were mean, lazy and foolish.”

The farmer replied, “Well, I expect you’ll find the people to be the same in your new town.”

We see people through the lens of our own expectations.  How do you expect to find people?